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The wild 1920s roar away in major cities.

Yet, on an isolated Dakota prairie homestead, nineteen year old Lila milks her cows, fights with her sister Iris, bakes kuchen, and takes care of the younger siblings.  She is unaware that her prescribed life soon is going to change. The charming but untamed Fischer rides onto the farm and into her life shortly before events on the farm turn volatile and menacing.

Almost simultaneously Lila is introduced to both romance and violence as she begins a journey filled with adventure, new companions, and hardships. She endures abandonment and rejection, and escapes danger. She discovers self-reliance, loses it then regains it on the path to self-discovery.

Lila faces many changes even before she takes Fischer as her husband, and moves with him to Missoula Montana in the 1920’s. Fischer is vibrant and charming, while level-headed Lila plans life as if it is a recipe to create in her aromatic kitchen. Lila’s circumstances become more complicated, and yet she works to keep things stable until she must come up against her own belief system, and make life-altering decisions.

I hope you find inspiration and encouragement in this story as you face your own challenges.      Mae Schick


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